Final Rating: 3.37. Finished 56 out of 83 entries.

317 views including the voting period.


Animator: Taylor Lucas

Description: trying my hand at 3D animation, ran out of time though unfortunately but hey, next time

Experience: 3months

Time taken: 10 hours


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Pavel Yakush:

That twist on 159
Mery warms up before the dance )

Ben Hall:

Looks like it's still in the blocking phase it must be smoother

Bria Muir:

You've got a good start to something here! I feel like the turn from around frame 50 to frame 70 is too abrupt and makes it feel too jumpy? I really like her expression at the beginning though

Sarah Johnson:

Pop lock and drop it. Get into your curve editor to smooth out all the popping on her animation

Brian Duffy:

good poses on the mom, and good attitude. the shot of the son looks like he's hanging upside down. focus on imrpoving your composition.