Final Rating: 6.28. Finished 9 out of 83 entries.

1,110 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zay Bee

Description: Gordon is caught by his evil mom

Experience: 7 month and student right now

Time taken: 3 weeks in my free time


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Howard Cameron:

I'm not reading the "terribly sorry", aside from that super!

Sam Francis:

There are a quite a few movements in here that feel really very good - fluid and interesting, but not over-busy. Some other movements feel a little stiff, though. I'm thinking of "please gordon, by all means" most of all. I'd also question your acting choice on 'entire existence', since I can't figure out what she means by that gesture with those words.

I think the idea of your blocking is very effective: putting him on a lower level than her is a good idea! However, the camera drifting towards him and then cutting the rest of the way feels very odd. You might have instead locked the camera off, and kept it a bit simpler.

Overall, this is a visually interesting and pleasant to watch animation. I especially like her throwing the book at the beginning! It feels very nice.

Chad Cox:

Well done! The dust particles are a nice atmospheric touch.. camera cut seems a bit too close to original camera angle though, comes across as a jumpcut. Solid work though!