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Monopoly Ruins Relationships.

by Billy Zarek

Final Rating: 3.43. Finished 79 out of 93 entries.

466 views including the voting period.


Animator: Billy Zarek

Description: The dangers of playing Monopoly with your loved ones. Animated in Blender 2.78. Used character rigs from the blender cloud.

Experience: BS in Animation From DePaul 2013. Animated on and off since then.

Time taken: Spent half the month working. Estimation 40hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Zoe Piel:


Johann Wong:

Hmm...try keeping the intro short, focus more of the main dialogue animations. :)


There is way to much set up for this. You could have started this right when he gets out of jail. Less is more.

Erin Goddard:

Your animation is not bad but your opening sequence really takes away from the clip. don't double the amount of work you have to do, just focus on polishing the eleven second clip.

Donald Marks:

Funny concept, really long. Next time maybe focus more on the animation than the story

Andrew DiLullo:

Clever, but definitely takes too long to setup the joke. Generally speaking, all the animation is too slow.

Theodor Isaac Zecevic:

Wow, you actually made the dialogue funny!

A F:

Unique setup, really like. The animation has a nice stop-otion kind of feel to it in the beginning, as well. It just takes waaaaayyyy too long to get to that good part, wasting time on things that you'd not need to animate if you'd focused on the important part more. Maybe just cut straight to the monopoly board where he places the figurine out of jail and go from there. Should be all you need as a staging point.
So, yeah, overall a lack of focus I'd say.


Next time, focus on telling a story within the time span of the actual soundclip.

Deshui Cai: