Final Rating: 3.49. Finished 78 out of 93 entries.

425 views including the voting period.


Animator: Poppy Marlow

Description: This is my first try at the 11 second club. I'm new to animation and would appreciate any advice.
The male rig is Shalaby Man by Ahmed Shalaby
The female rig is a model from turbosquid, I rigged the model using Mixamoand the face using morph targets

Experience: 3 months

Time taken: About 2 weeks including rigging and fixing the model


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Hit and hold your poses.

Johann Wong:

Animation basics needing some work. Overall looking really floaty.

Andrew DiLullo:

Don't forget about the 180 degree rule. For the sake of continuity, if your first character is on the left, have your other character placed on the right so the space feels correctly occupied.

Monica Stringer:

"dept to society" needs more attention at the lip sync, and some of the motions are kind of barbie dollish, especially in the arms