Final Rating: 5.56. Finished 31 out of 93 entries.

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Animator: Pablo

Description: Pride and confidence face to face.
what will happen? I will show you next...
(Orgullo y confianza cara a cara.
Qué pasará? Os lo muestro a continuación)

Experience: 4 months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Manuel Jiménez:

Estimado Pablo,

Rogamos corrijas la puta boca por favor.

Un saludo.


The push with him scooping her hand was a nice acting choice.

Johann Wong:

Hmm..tighten up the overall animation, especially the moving holds, they look really floaty. Try slightly different movement approach for the guy..his motion looks pretty similar on both shots. Add some more overlaps as well, they look kinda stiff atm. :)

Erin Goddard:

nice animation, wedding ring goes on the left hand, watch out for those kinds of details


Too much follow through animation. Try make your poses more snappy.

Thomas Thoma:

I love the idea of him looking at his empty hand, realizing what he lost. It needs a bit of work with the lip sync and the guy's reaction the moment she pulls her hand feels wrong. But I rate it Great! because of the meaningful gesture in the end.

Jordan Lewers:

Lighting and staging are lovely, but the animation was sacrificed a bit. Their movements are mechanical at times. Also, not sure why she'd pull away from him like that when he's barely even holding her hand.