Final Rating: 6.79. Finished 5 out of 93 entries.

3,590 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bharat Gour

Description: A bad guy meets his ex-wife to having some legal discussion and in the meantime they both get emotional for a while...

Experience: Almost 6 Years

Time taken: 15 days after office schedule


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Ranojoy Datta:

nice and smooth realistic animation.....


Pretty good! The characters felt a touch swimy in places but over all nice job. The camera placement could be adjusted to not be as flat as well.

Johann Wong:

Loving the animation on the lady! As for the guy, the animation needs to be tighter. Feels floaty as it is now. The lady animation could use little more tightening up as well. Overalls are almost pretty solid already, just needing a little fix on the floatiness~


The guy's eyeline seems a little low throughout the shot. Other than that, really nice!

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Nice work:)

Piyush Dhuppe:

really superb!

Rupal Shakya:

80-150 (apprx) i think it would be better if the female character right elbow was resting on the table. It looks like it is resting on air.
Great Composition!