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Funny, I never got a check...

by Tai Beaumont

Final Rating: 6.51. Finished 10 out of 93 entries.

1,762 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: An unrealistically optimistic man tries to hit on his ex wife at a dinner party, only to be given the cold shoulder.

Experience: A few years.

Time taken: 29 hours (tracked hours accurately this month)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Zoe Piel:

Kind of cartoony, overly bouncy and zippy, which doesn't fit the dialogue that well.

Michael Bradshaw:

Good Job!


There are some nice subtle gestures on her. The lip sync could use a bit more work.

Brad Bradbury:

Great stuff.
I think they need to blink more.
I would have him blink around 195ish
as he contemplates her hand.

I would have her blink around 290 after 'it' (between phrases).

His Left hand doesn't feel tucked in enough at the end.

Watch her lip sync for 'check' I think you are missing the 'k'.
I would also adjust her 's' sound at the end.

Her double take happens twice,
and because of this it takes away the impact of them.
I would keep the first one, when he interrupts her drinking at 60.
The double rotate y around fr 240 is too much, in my opinion.

Luke Coleman:

Good weight shifting, expressions and micro gestures. However the lip sync seems to be a little off.

Vin Liew:

overall not bad, need more work on lipsync

Sergio Montenegro:

Great acting! the lipsync kinda needs more work