Final Rating: 3.77. Finished 75 out of 93 entries.

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Animator: George John Bowden

Description: Using Malcolm V2 Rig in Maya.
2nd Year Animation Student at MMU.
I understand this submission is far from finished, however I would like to hear feedback from fellow animators.

Experience: 1 and a bit Years

Time taken: 22 Days


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He looks pretty good. It would have been nice to see her involved as well to make a more interesting looking presentation. Also, if you are going to do a play blast remember to turn off locators, joints, etc so it is only the character and props visible.

Johann Wong:

Explore poses, yeh. Overall animation looks stiff, you can start by adding more curves in your spine. ;)

Erin Goddard:

A good start, I like some of the facial expressions. Some of your hand movements feel a bit erratic and unnatural, try acting it out and filming yourself. Keep it up!

Luke Coleman:

Eye movements are off. Needs more secondary motion and micro gestures / expressions.

Sergio Montenegro:

there's several jumps in animation here and there.