Final Rating: 7.23. Finished 3 out of 93 entries.

6,862 views including the voting period.


Animator: Maxime Gruet-Masson

Description: Peter is out of jail and he want to win back Mary, his old wife.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 1 month


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Johann Wong:

Nice! I :D Though, that part where the guy realizing about the missing ring, could use more obvious subtle moving holds..he looked like he just froze all over completely. The lady could use a little more slight changes in expression.

Abdurrahman Zhukov:

Nice Animation

Donald Marks:

Really sharp stuff. Love the lighting and rendering too. (I think sometimes we forget this is an animation competition...) Absolutely great set design too.

I think if you were to focus on some more exaggerated facial expressions (especially on the female) as well as getting the lip sync to work better for both characters you've got a really shiny piece for your reel.

Chad Cox:

Love the acting choices. Favorite part is the hesitation where she decides to talk rather than drink. I'd just suggest pushing mouth shapes a bit more extreme. The "O" in "sold it" in particular seems way too subtle. Great work though! :)

Jesse Smith:

The winner!! Nice work.

Sergio Montenegro:

Amazing acting, excellent staging, incredible lighting!


finally some other rigs than that annoying AnimSchool one

Bharat Gour:

should be winner !! awesome entry..