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It's a Swan...

by Johnny Ling Yik Fei, January Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 7.52. Finished 1 out of 142 entries.

372,899 views including the voting period.


Animator: Johnny Ling Yik Fei

Description: A man retrieving his beloved item at a lost & found centre.

Experience: almost 3 years

Time taken: a few weeks after work


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John Gomes:

Good job pal

Niklas Bergwall:

Love it! Good job mate.

Sebastian Ciubuca:

doesn t match the sounds in the background!!! there are no birds in the pool

Mike Schanbacher:

Awesome story...made me laugh.

Michael O'Brien:

Great story, great punchline! Didn't think this could work with just one person on-screen for most of the time but you've pulled it off. I think it's just one or two of the acting choices that you might want to re-examine. For example, not sure why at frame 290 he appears so disgusted. Was that what you were going for? And then in the beginning when he's trying to look like he wasn't playing with the bell, not sure why he would be embarrassed/afraid of being caught. I like the action but maybe just having him continue to look bored would make more sense or else have him doing something a little more embarrassing/suspicious with the bell.

Michael Kristiansen:

Very cool idea, and nice animation.


The best so far :)

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

really nice idea! love the push with the fingers and the facial expression at the end

Iain Wilson:

haha creative

Coffee N Milk:

I like his expression , look cool .

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Nice Animation but Story does not suitable with this situation.

Julian Chai:

OOSOOOOOM!! THis should be the winner!

Martin Strom:

I think this idea is hilarious! The animation is on the guy is perfect but the flamingo-ring lands on the table pretty stiff. The camera should be moved a little bit to the left side at the close-up shot. Otherwise, I love this, top 3 of the 3d-animated ones in my mind! Great job!




great acting and good idea for the final sentence :)

Diane Aarts:

funny! Didn't expect the ending :)

Annie Iglesias:

Very creative use of the quote!

Jay Jörg Smith:

Really nice. Had to laugh a lot! Last pose really is really hilarious!

Sean Kiley:

Such a good concept. Great acting. Only part confuses me is his initial reaction to the float seems to convey its not his, then goes to glee, then back to realizing its not his.


I love everthing about this the rigs the rendering everything!

Suyog Patil:

Nice Work... Top 20


superab idea and animation...i enjoyed

Ruth Agada:

The fact that he was excited before he realize that it's a swan cracked me up. I love his movement. Great job.