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Alien Swan Abduction

by Zach

Final Rating: 2.14. Finished 142 out of 142 entries.

800 views including the voting period.

Animator: Zach

Description: A alien have left earth after kidnapping a human, but upon inspection from his supervisor, it turns out he may not have grabbed a human

Experience: i Took 2 animation courses in highschool (currently)

Time taken: like 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

not a lot of animation happening here

Edwin M.Santana:

You rock dude keep animating, you probably will win this. Your so good at animating, you can have my wife and kids, that's how much i like this, seriously tho you can have them, please come to my house and take them, you can execute me if you want too, PLEASE!!!!!! Seriously tho if you don't come to my house and do what I ask then I will have to do it myself, Please don't make me do that, help a brother from another mother out, PLEASE!!!


You look like a robot

Jay Jörg Smith:

Hahaha sooo creepy.