Final Rating: 5.56. Finished 26 out of 142 entries.

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Animator: mass

Description: not much to say... hotfuzzz

Experience: some

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Need to work on lip matching

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

animation poses are looking ok, but the lip syncing really needs work

pankaj kushwaha:

nicely done good job :)

Michael Launder:

i liked this one a lot! some of the mouth timings and body movements could probably use better timing, the lip synch seems off which is probably really hard to do in 2d animation

Megan Huggins:

Lip sync needs improvements, the character designs and poses are good.


Digital 2D or hand drawn

Martin Strom:

I like your drawing style, the characters feels 3-dimensional. But I think the movements goes way to fast on them and the lip-sync feels kind of off to me. But you're on the right track no matter what, keep it up, you're good!

Santhosh Aradhya:

Haha nice ! Though it lacks proper lipsync, but loved the rapid hand gestures :) Good Job!

Jacob Riches:

It seems like the lip sync should be adjusted back by one frame


I like much the character designs and the acting, they fit so well with the personalities of the voices. The acting is nice but in the final line, there is a little problem of timing. I would remove some inbtw when he shows his hand, in order to fit with that last line. That action seems off.