Final Rating: 7.19. Finished 4 out of 142 entries.

7,003 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sebastian Ciubuca

Description: some crazy penguin crashes into a driver's wind shild

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 4 weekends , after the kids went to bed


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Sebastian Ciubuca:

when I grow up, I wanna be as good as you!! thanks for being my mentor!!

Lidiya Azhar:

Wow, that swan sure has a bone to pick with the driver. Doesn't look much like a swan, though, more like a penguin... But I love the apealing designs of the human characters. I also think its excellent how you portray the situation as bizarre but the acting isn't over-the-top which fits the energy of the dialogue.

Robert Firestone:

Great work!

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Good Concept.


nice characters/car !

Michael O'Brien:

This is great, it has just about everything you need without over doing it. Zoo signs in the back let us know where we are, feathers and a broken window clue us in to what might have just happened. The lip sync and actions aren't too much to distract or too little to lose engagement. And the swan swinging down at the end is just...fantastic. So unexpected with such an underwhelming reaction from the driver. Not too mention a solid style of your own.

Martin Strom:

The drawing style and the animation overall fits very well to the dialogues! I love how the drivers arm moves. Top 5 for me!

Jay Jörg Smith:

Nice style!

Joey London:

I love this. Looks like Top 3 for me.


I like the style alot

Ruth Agada:

Love it

Clément Pierre:

Man, I don't know what kind of magic you used to animate such a genius shot. My french eyes are having so much pleasure watching this masterpiece again and again... I wont say "bravo" I say "merci" for such a good moment of life you shared to humanity...