Final Rating: 4.89. Finished 45 out of 142 entries.

627 views including the voting period.


Animator: Manoj S Kunder

Description: Tiger already killed a Swan and is looking for more...

Experience: 10 Years

Time taken: 50 Hrs


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Michael Launder:

cool creature animation! don't think the lip synch is great, but the bodies and mannerisms of the tigers look great!

Jim P:

awesome technique- but staging- you shouldn't have the big one move while the last line is delivered.

Michael Kristiansen:

Really cool to see some non-humans for a change. But for me it is hard to see who talks and who just moves their mouth. I get that it might be the animal aspect of the movement, but I would perhaps have exagerated the lipsync to better read whats going on.

pankaj kushwaha:

good work keep it up :)

Divyam Chand:

I really like it...but i think the weight of the animal is missing at certain points.

Suneina Kunder:



Talking 2 Lion Need to fix the voice


really cool tiger animation but it misses the point of the exercise

Joey London:

Nice creature animation. The last part bothers me a bit because the one on the foreground is also opening his mouth and looks like he's the one talking.

Megan Huggins:

Nice idea!

Kirby Drisdale:

I really like the use of the tigers! I can understand it's difficult, but the lip sync seems off. I also feel that there was a bit too much motion; I got a bit cross-eyed trying to keep up with both characters movements.