Final Rating: 5.51. Finished 29 out of 142 entries.

755 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lim Yew Chin

Description: Hunting or being hunted?

Experience: 3 years +

Time taken: 1.5 weeks after work


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Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

interesting idea....i like it

Robert Firestone:

I really like your staging and camera cuts. Cool idea too.

Dmitry Privalov:

Very brutal))

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Nice concept..

Evan Helford:

Pretty funny visual jokes dude. And I like the use of Source Filmmaker.

Julian Chai:

Winner!!!!!! OOSOOOOOOOM

Kirsten Schow:

Great idea on the story, the animation could use a little more polish.


Copy charatcer don't get a star


got dark real fast; loved the idea

Nassim Briedj:

nice one

Raghav Nagpal:

Nice acting, expressions are also kind of fine, but Lip sync seems to be way off. Loved the staging & story. Good work.