Final Rating: 3.47. Finished 106 out of 142 entries.

498 views including the voting period.


Animator: Taylor Emerick

Description: A man describing a swan to a police officer.

Experience: Just some self taught animation work.

Time taken: Around 7 hours


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Martin Strom:

I guess you made this in a short time and that's very impressive, since I feel emotions coming out of these characters and the lip-sync is ok. I would like to see some in-betweens and more movements, because I like your drawing style. and it has potential! The police could have been in another kind of pose when he says "..anything else?!", but still have that kind of "I don't care-look" on his face. Try next time to have your own deadline, like spend 2-3 hours a day on he animation, and you'll see it's gonna be better! Good luck :)


Your lip syncing is pretty good. I'd really like to see what your animation would look like with more motion and frames!