Final Rating: 2.33. Finished 137 out of 142 entries.

650 views including the voting period.


Animator: tohid razpoush

Description: exam & cheat

Experience: amateur

Time taken: a


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pankaj kushwaha:

please do some more animation :)

Michael Launder:

i'd get rid of the lady, she's not helping your animation here at all

Kirsten Schow:

The girl is unnecessary. Animation needs a lot of work.


You've really got to work on your timing and posing.

Evan Helford:

It just feels like there's too much stuff happening at once. Like my eye doesn't really know where to focus. I'd recommend keeping it down to 2 characters, and blocking in some better poses.

Muzammil Usman:

Is this cloth test ?

Megan Huggins:

The idea for this isnt clear

Jay Jörg Smith:

Dont know why but this looks really creepy and it brings me nightmares o_O

Tobias Egeli:

more animaton and less focus on cloth simulation. And try to make the story and tought of the characters more readable and understandable. What are they thinking? what happent before this scene and so on is s good way to think when atacking a dialoug. but mustly i would recomend not doing 11 sec, but practice the basic and come back when you know your 12 principle of animation. Happy animating:)


good poses



William Harrison:

The girl in the background is just a distraction, there is no need for her in the shot. My recommendation would be to just take her out and focus on the two main characters.