Final Rating: 2.76. Finished 130 out of 142 entries.

578 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrés Rosel

Description: Still using the Max rig, will change next month.

Experience: About 2 years, but not constant.

Time taken: Around 10 hours total.


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Raghav Nagpal:

too floaty


The movements are rather slow and not realistic to how a person would talk. They look VERY stoned if they were talking like actual people haha.

Michael Launder:

really find and nail your key poses, the arms floating around are super strange and immediately pull our attention! look at reference of people having conversation and see just how little their body parts float around them as if they were in space

Dmitry Privalov:

Very smooth movements and the lack of accents

Michael O'Brien:

The thing that jumps out first to me are the movements of the two characters. Their gestures are floaty, unmotivated, and move at the same exact pace throughout the scene. Create some variation from pose to pose by increasing and decreasing the amount of frames between them in a way that makes sense to the current action. Use reference of yourself acting out what you would like the scene to look like so that you know how the actions look in real life.

Dominic Rayner:

Floaty animation, need to learn the fundamentals of animation.

Michael Kristiansen:

Quite floaty animation. Try make som inbetween poses or poses before and after a key pose in order to get better timing and realistic movements.

Jay Jörg Smith:

You should put holds into your animation. Not just interpolate from pose to pose, also hold some keyframes almost on the same position.