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Post hibernation party time!

by CL Pahlke

Final Rating: 5.92. Finished 16 out of 179 entries.

1,516 views including the voting period.


Animator: CL Pahlke

Description: After a long winter this bear is ready to have some fun

Experience: 3 years of study

Time taken: 3 weeks (after work plus weekends)


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good one.. can add more acting in the middle part to make it more smooth..

Timmy Kwee:

HAHAHA I like the 'with the best of them'

Justin Jones:

Stretch, squash, stretch, squash. That was a very interesting walk animation.

Richard Carrillo:

You could have animated the SFX at the end, it would ve helped. Nice work


another super awesome

Raghav Nagpal:

Animation was really nice just at the starting line seems a little unsynchronized.