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Not drunk, just relaxed

by Dicco Thomas

Final Rating: 5.68. Finished 21 out of 179 entries.

1,359 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dicco Thomas

Description: Special thanks to my friends

Experience: 5

Time taken: 3 Day


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Patrick Rossano:

Looks pretty good! I just think the lip sync could use another pass. Cool render


nice render and i like the idea the lip synch is off

ben malberg:

Wow some nice fluidity with the arms and hands, I like the poses a lot and they frame the face nicely. I think your mouth animation is not synced though, so I would definitely polish that up. Also I thought there should be a little more variety in the eyes. They seem to be half way open almost the whole time, I get it, she's super drunk, but maybe on PARTY she could have a bit more excitement in her expression. The bottle fall at the end is too rushed. Haha, I like your Mery mod it's a very nice render.

ilona paslawski:

great rendering but watch her mouth shapes at the beginning.

Svenja Ba:

I like the look and especially the hair! :)

Jimmy Thomas:

Good one!

Nebiat Yifru:

Very well done. I like the mood lighting the well detailed scene too.

Rosario Salvatore:

I like this a lot, she feels very drunk both in her posing but also where everyone else has fallen short in her facial expression. You must spend a lot of time in bars around drunk women


Nice idea


This is pretty good though it lacks some.cleaning. I like the render and her tipsy attitude!

Elizabeth Boyd:

Great rendering, fluid animation, but the elbows feel a little...awkward? Strangely stiff.

Shark Bait:

awesome, lip sync needs some work though

Natacha "Fanotak" R.A.:

The lipsynch seems a bit off, but I love the body acting and the rendering!