Final Rating: 6.79. Finished 8 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Jimmy Thomas

Description: Hello there..This is how far I got with this month entry. Tried some curly hairstyle, for a variety.. hope you like it :)

Cheers, Happy animating.

Experience: nearly 7 years in 3D.

Time taken: Mostly evenings and weekends.


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I think u can spend more time to make it a perfect piece of work. more detail acting is required.

Muhammad Rauf:


Cory Parks:

The first half of the dialogue feels choppy. Some in-betweens would make this perfect. Very nice work.

Neelu Tadisetty:

Amazing! Love the pencil idea in th end ;) Good luck

Brent Forrest:

Great!!! Break that business down, love to see the finsihed versino!

Milan Pad:

Super cool....I love it:)

Yuri Marcel Vieira:


Sajjad Afzal:

very nice work. well done.


good job

Thomas Thoma:

I love your acting choices.

Meme Candia:

Genial! perfecta actuación y lindo personaje

Jimmy Nevell:

Lovely poses, the spin is fantastic! Maybe exaggerate the stretch more at 103 to really make the audience feel that pose but this overall is a gorgeous piece of animation. Would love to see it with all 2's done.

Amartya Mukherji:

liked it a lot.. acting is very integrated with the audio

ben malberg:

Very cool. Loved the idea and the spin on the chair was sweet. But my favorite part was the roll back at the end. That sense of depth really came out there. Great work and inspirational.


great!!!!!!!!!!! best entry so far. Luv the acting choice, makes it stands out from others.


Beautiful one, quite roughly done still it sinc with the audio very well, especially the last bit.


nice character


Super awesome work

Ambika Mohan:


roy cobn:

great. i wish there were more in betweens

marvin lews:

Man!!!! really cool ideaa in there .. Char feels so real! winner entry for sure. you could use some inbetweens though.

eric baena:

Simple and solid piece of story telling.. really no words to describe'''''''''''''''''''''' Keep it up :)

Joyce Makker:

Loved it! Best I've seen so far!


Shame you didn't finish this. I love it! It'll be even better once it's done

Allen Ostergar IV:

Great choices! It's got my vote :)

nick corressel: