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Squirrels Can Party Too

by Eric Michelsen

Final Rating: 2.85. Finished 145 out of 179 entries.

577 views including the voting period.


Animator: Eric Michelsen

Description: Eric Michelsen
Bowling Green State University
Spring 2014
11 Second Club January

Experience: One Year

Time taken: Two Weeks


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seems like a loop

Isaac Wong:

Nice use of the squirrel rig! Maybe next time, you could animate a hop or two to add a bit more life to the character.

Alexander Askar:

that look like mi cock

Jimmy Nevell:

Love the extremes at around frame 200, looks great. There is some garage door work at the start that makes your character look automated and less expressive (at the part when she says 'I am excited and I feel relaaaxed').
Overall nice work, a little bit more polishing of the lip sync and more accelerated and expressive movements (dont have things moving at a constant speed) and this will be great.

ben malberg:

Haha I laughed out loud at the end. I think you're capturing the feeling of the audio in the character which is great with this rig (being that it's not human..) I think before going into spline, making sure your poses are strong is important. It seems like some of your poses are kind of half way to where they should be to match the audio. Once you have your strong poses setup then the spline fun begins. Good luck. Funny tho :)

Raghav Nagpal:

Quite good & last part was nice. There was some problem in the tail.