Final Rating: 6.94. Finished 7 out of 179 entries.

5,727 views including the voting period.


Animator: Allen Ostergar IV

Description: I wanted to animate something for fun, I didn't get around to much polish or really make great acting choices, but it was a great learning experience!

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Gerrit Behnken:

Nice work! Definetly one of the Top 10s i guess!

Sezhiyan RS:

Good animation work
Body movements and face expressions are very natural!

Patrick Rossano:

Fun shot. Really fluid

Aymeric Mezaute:

I loved it !! My favorite so far.. Greeeat job !

Ejen Shafiq Isa:

great work! liking the poses very much hehe

Pete McEvoy:

This is deadly!!

rahul rishikesh:

Give attention to small things...or it'll ruin the beauty of work...Right hand overlaps with right it!

Amartya Mukherji:

very nice animation. Liked it a lot. Top 10 for sure. Yes it is not rendered and has just a low-poli proxy set, But the animation is strong enough to overshadow that.

There are few poor and few moderate animations of Mery rig this month. Mery rig finally got justice in you shot, it seems.. Ha ha.. :-)

Marcus Carril:

top 11!! Congrats!

Daniel Vasconcellos:

I liked a lot, great poses, and flow! Good luck this month!

Harry G:

Something good to comment on :)
I felt the first step was a little floaty, but te from frame 38 on the animation flow was pretty good and what worked well for me was the dance, i noticed a lot of guys struggled in that section. One thing though that did bother me was the lip sync from 259 on (best of friends) she doesn't open her mouth to say "friends" and the giggle doesn't come across. The sitting girl animation is also very good. the look to the screen right from 194 to 222 looks forced. Apart from that Great Job!