Final Rating: 3.37. Finished 133 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Stephanie R

Description: Here is my very first submission for this website although the animation is a bit sketchy I'm fairly alright with how it turned out!
Personally felt unsure about uploading this at first but worth a shot right? enjoy!
Tools: Flash

Experience: I began to practice animation during middle school. Now a high school student at CTE center

Time taken: about 2-3 weeks


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ben malberg:

Hey respect for drawing out 2D. I like your main character but I think it needs a lot of work. A couple of main things that caught my eye was her necklace isn't swinging which would really add a lot to this I think. The other is the 2nd character suddenly pops up out of nowhere and I don't really understand what's happening. Does she take a drink from him? I would try to clarify it a bit more.

Daniel Castillo:

wish there was color

David Borja:

Fine timing with the audio. But keep focusing on your drawing and animation principles! Practice conveying 3D forms and anatomy. Then practice easing your characters in and out of movement.