Final Rating: 3.69. Finished 117 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Marianna Farris

Description: I am in the process of learning flash so that was my software of choice for this project ( need to practice with it)

Experience: just finished my Higher National Diploma in BCFE

Time taken: ...a good 2 weeks using whatever spare time i have


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Elisa Haynes:

Need more movement in her body to show more excitement in her voice.

Justin Jones:

I spent the first second watching this wondering what this even is. I'm still debating whether that's a tree, or what. The facial animation at least is okay.

Tobias Fuhr:

i like the expressions

Nebiat Yifru:

Pretty Artsy with the use of negative space.

ben malberg:

wow that's pretty cool. I like the cutout effect. I think you captured a lot of the feelings from the dialogue. I think it needs a lot more in betweens and it would be nice to see the arms as well at least. Anyway I like the design.

Melissa Gordon James:

I really like the look of this one!


Very interesting concept. Different. Refreshing. Minimal