Final Rating: 6.06. Finished 14 out of 179 entries.

2,121 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: A girl on the subway train is excited for the night ahead.

Experience: A few years.

Time taken: 1 month.


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Nice job !! Very energetic !!

A lil changes in the poses wld make it a lot better i think..

keep animating :)

Ejen Shafiq Isa:

nice one1 liking the cute expression at f-245 :P

Chris Tarrant:


Oscar Paterson:

Looking good at the start! Great poses.
Not a fan of the poses during "with tha best...". The spine seems reversed to far backwards. Could also be strong at the end generally. Certainly got some skills there though, well done.

Brent Forrest:

I like the off timing of the beats and I like the poses, but I think it could use finessing

Amartya Mukherji:

Animation is very nice, but few poses seemed to be repetitive at the end part.

Harry G:

One of the best i've seen so far! The animation is great up until frame 200 i think the dance and the fingers click and clap need improvement.

ben malberg:

Wow this came out really nice. I was watching your progress with this on the forum, I'm happy to see this because it came out great. Around F154 the standing leg is popping a bit, I'm not sure if you wanted that but I think it's taking away from the action. I would say the transition into the pose at F214 looks too mechanical. It looks like it was done automatically with a mel script. I would break that up a bit, first the hips then move up the spine to the head. Like the way you did it at f149, which is sweet. Nice S&S too man, great effort.