Final Rating: 5.61. Finished 26 out of 179 entries.

1,172 views including the voting period.


Animator: Travis Wong

Description: A women once hurt by a man. Now she is no longer trusted man and seeks for revenge on them.

Experience: a few years

Time taken: 2-3 hours weekdays after work


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Cool Idea :)

Justin Jones:

That woman is insane. D:

Amartya Mukherji:

The animation is very nice. I liked the story as well, as it goes nicely with the audio.

Eugene Ooi:

great! love the idea!! ^^

Richard Carrillo:

Not apropiate for children? You should check TV, also I don't think there are too many children here.
BTW, nice animation :)


Bad concept. But good animation.

Joyce Makker:

Great take on the audio!

ben malberg:

Hey this is nice. Nice mechanics, good matching with the dialogue's cues. I like your acting choices. A couple of things I noticed:
the shoulder roll at f207 looks detached from the rest of the body
from f279-f291 the transition feels pretty weird there with her arms.
Everything else looks pretty sweet, great work!