Final Rating: 5.69. Finished 20 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Patrick Rossano

Description: A young lady getting over some Novocaine

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 8 days or so


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ben malberg:

That clap at the end is really nice, and I like your idea after the dentist. lol
When her hips move side to side around F199 I'm not seeing the breaking of the joints going up her body. Such a aggressive move would surely cause ripples up the spine. Really nice arm swings though.

Timmy Kwee:

can feel the voice really come out from her. nice body language

Milan Pad:


Tobias Fuhr:

great moves


like her hi

Rosario Salvatore:

I get it, smooth poses, good transition felt her emotion and attitude all the way. well done

Amartya Mukherji:

Not bad atall. but may be the pelvis is moving a bit too much