Final Rating: 5.30. Finished 40 out of 179 entries.

762 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brent Forrest

Description: My animator friends liked it - my wife hates it - let the club be the judge

Experience: Not enough

Time taken: One month, after hours


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Michael Minasyan:

pose is very ugly


That looks like a very uncomfortable way to sit

Justin Jones:

I'm having some deja-vu here. I swear I saw this one already.

Keith Sizemore:

Great original poses for the dialogue.

Rosario Salvatore:

so you submitted twice without the added audio so now I can focus on the animation f110 is a tough pose to look at and at 259 i would have contrasted the pose before it going in the other direction. overall I think you need better poses and smoother transition. keep at it

Kyle Bernard:

I love the posing and camera work!