Final Rating: 2.58. Finished 156 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Ali Abdulsada Jabbar

Description: unfortunately i did not get an enough time to polish , body mech. and correct collisions ... so please ... forgive me for simple animation ... because i did not mean that .

Experience: 4 monthes

Time taken: 5 days 4-5 hours daily


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ben malberg:

It's a funny idea. And probably similar to what would really happen to somebody drinking too much :) Work on the spacing of your action, some parts are too fast, and make sure your character is always balanced. I know she's drunk and off-balance but in some areas it's breaking the laws of gravity. (f285-f290)

Rosario Salvatore:

your poses are really really good but the animation is too slow and the transitions are also hard to watch