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wedding anniversary party

by satish

Final Rating: 5.28. Finished 41 out of 179 entries.

679 views including the voting period.


Animator: satish

Description: She is 75 year old lady and she is prove young and rock star like 18 year girl

Experience: 3 year

Time taken: 2 week


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ben malberg:

Hey there, I like your concept it's original, and the camera angle is cool. Nice glasses. :) The part "with the best of them" I thought was continued a bit too long. I'm a little confused at the ending, does she accidentally turn of the lights or was it her intention?

Svenja Ba:

Cool Dancemove! :)

Rosario Salvatore:

i love grams, very cool

Amartya Mukherji:

Animation is good, but there seems to be a lot of copy paste poses. You could have made it much more interesting by adding variation.