Final Rating: 4.31. Finished 86 out of 179 entries.

567 views including the voting period.


Animator: James Berkley

Description: Husband and wife are on the way to a party, but she has had a little too much to drink...much to his discontent.

Experience: 2

Time taken: Roughly 2 weeks


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Evelyn Hernandez:

I like what you are doing with the story and actions, I think you can spend the time to hold some of those funny poses rather than having her flopping all over the place.

Amartya Mukherji:

Nice cinematography. Animation seems to be ordinary. Needs a lot of improvement

Venkatesh Javvaji:


Benjamin Berg:

Sine of the major things that I see wrong is that the animation feels floaty due to the movements being linear and it looks like your character doesn't hold a single pose which makes the character wobble around.

Also I would remove about half of the poses. There are way too many in the scene. Shooting video reference would help a lot in this area.

ben malberg:

I think this is pretty good, but honestly I spent more time looking at the driver. I think he's moving a bit too much and competing visually with the woman. I would tone him down a bit. The hair looks a little floaty in the first half. Her head seems to be moving around a lot by the end, and it's hard to see her face. Just some things to consider, but I think this is pretty good and funny how the man gets annoyed.