Final Rating: 4.60. Finished 71 out of 179 entries.

618 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cale Royer

Description: It was my birthday this month, so I used that in my animation!

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3 weeks on and off.


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ben malberg:

Hey nice camera work going on here and how the character moves through the scene. I bet you could make some really cool action shots. I think this is incomplete, it looks like you didn't do much after "hitting the spline button". I think with some polish this could be really good, I hope you finish it. :)

Justin Jones:

If only it didn't break the 180 degree rule. The animation was good, none-the-less.

Robert Holmen:

The camera cut is unnecessary and confusing.

Joyce Makker:

Solid body mechanics throughout.

El Tabarnaco:

Big problems with weight and motion but the poses and acting are pretty good. Lots of potential there.