Final Rating: 5.94. Finished 15 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Annika Giannini

Description: Penny the party girl prepares to celebrate with a bottle of champagne, not knowing that her robot servant Yvonne also dreams of partying.

Experience: 10 years off and on

Time taken: 8 days


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Michal Shukrun:

That's very cool!

Steve Schwartz:

Probably my fav 2D. Is she hunched to stay in frame? Or is that just her design? Little weird but not a deal breaker.

Rosario Salvatore:

i like this alot but get lost with a few poses and not sure what is happening with the cart and when she turns her back

Tobias Fuhr:

160-pose and 182-pose is very similar. 222-frame 'iou' moment you could put some cool pose.. this style is cool, crazy idea


Super awesome!!!