Final Rating: 3.55. Finished 122 out of 179 entries.

512 views including the voting period.


Animator: Henrique Ribeiro

Description: This is what happens with excessive juice

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: more or less 20 hours


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Thomas Thoma:

I like the animation of the kid. I think this piece needs a different camera angle for a more interesting composition between the two characters. There's a lot of empty space too.

Michael Minasyan:

pose is very ugly

Tobias Fuhr:

you could make better poses

Cale Royer:

Work on the timing of the motions- every action takes the same amount of time to complete, and they all have the same importance in the scene.

ben malberg:

I might bring the camera in closer with the characters sitting closer together. It feels a bit far away to me, and I'm losing the detail on her face. Listening to the audio, I might try to make more dramatic poses, stronger, bigger and faster. The performance felt too contained. I'm not sure if the child is helping this shot. I like how she throws the box drink that's a nice move.


Good. Now exaggerate your actions to let them speak themselves.