Final Rating: 2.21. Finished 170 out of 179 entries.

564 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hendrik Lentz Folange

Description: Free Rigg Used "ElevenRigg"
Starting real 3D animation 3 months ago.

Experience: Beginner

Time taken: 3 days


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needs some work


No names or identifying symbols should appear in the video.

Ruud Harbers:

Sorry, buddy, but you shouldn't put your info in the video.

From the FAQ:
What are the things that will disqualify my entry and prevent me from winning?
- Don't put your name or contact info anywhere on the actual video (this makes voting unfair).

Either the admins missed this one, or they're very forgiving. In any case, you're lucky.

Rosario Salvatore:

not ready

Robert Holmen:

What's the deal with the logo in the upper right?