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Animator: Chris Tarrant

Description: Putting her face on!

Experience: 3 years, games animator

Time taken: About four days, give or take


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ben malberg:

Hmm I had some trouble watching this, I'm wondering what format you saved as. Don't know why it's acting funky. Anyway, from what I could see it's a funny idea, and some of your acting choices match the dialogue nicely. I think some more work could be done on the spacing/timing.

Michael Minasyan:

very ugly 0 star to you

Ejen Shafiq Isa:

lol! awesome and freaky at the same time!

Davit Martirosyan:


Alexander Askar:


David Borja:

Great character choice and poses, haha. Going forward, find ways to convey a characters weight as they move. This looks like a heavier person, but his movements don't necessarily convey that. Keep it up!

roy cobn:


Shark Bait:



very attractive! love that pelvic thrust

Valentious Williams:

Wat did i just watch?