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The February competition

by Son Nguyen

Final Rating: 6.20. Finished 19 out of 76 entries.

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Animator: Son Nguyen

Description: Hi, this is my very first attempt at making animation. Looking forward to your all feedback! Thank you!

Experience: Newbie

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Well done with the character hiding under the table. The movements seem natural and the lip sync is well done. My biggest critique is the little ball guy just stops moving entirely from frame 239 until his scene ends at 254. He had been very emotive up until that point, so doesn't seem right for him to be a still shot for 15 frames.


very smooth. lots of natural movement, not suuper stiff. looks great! I like especially how you see the shift in his right arm when he moves it so he holds his weight with his palm and then his elbow.

Aura Milena Domínguez Sánchez:

Me gusta las expresiones de su rostro