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Deal with the fool Robot!

by Soonjae Kwon

Final Rating: 7.89. Finished 2 out of 76 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Soonjae Kwon

Description: Our hero, the spy, plays the robot for a fool.

Experience: 10+ yr

Time taken: less than 9hr


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Seth Demeter:

Great camerawork! The whole scene and all the expressions were so full of life and dynamic. Great job!


A well animated character with a lot of issues with the lip sync. There is very little mouth movement while he says "I know it takes a lot of energy", but the mouth is also too far open to be believably mumbling as the audio clip suggests. "Don't" from 160-164 the mouth is open far too wide.

Connor Brown:

Solid animation! The lip sync could use some touching up but this is incredible!

Bhavik jariwala:

good animation. lipsync can be better