Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 21 out of 91 entries.

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Animator: Younhye

Description: Tell someone about monsters in the dark forest.

Experience: 7 month

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Adeetya Goenka:

Subtle acting with simple, effective framing. Nice job! Couple notes

-The facial animation, especially the eyes, feels stagnant after f150. Adding a few eye darts, nose flares and subtle eye squints will make the whole acting feel more personal :)
-If you make the guy lean towards camera more after around f200, the dialogue will add a lot more intensity and seriousness
-The lip sync of 'unforgivable ones' is missing the f shape, and overall the lip sync will need another pass, since it still feels like it pops in places

Robinson Aguilera:

the squash of the mouth really threw me off. looks very unnatural. not sure if its the rig or how you chose to pose the mouth but it ruined otherwise ok acting.

Melody Dickens:

nice lighting and emotions framing was good too

Runy Lee:

really nice lipsync!

Predrag Lazic:

No Santa NO!