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Animator: Horváth Csenge

Description: She just wants to be herself, but the teachers don't appriciate her way of solving problems.

Experience: Not much, I'm studying it, but i only made a few short animatics so far.

Time taken: Maybe two days if i'm summing the time.


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Cody Cessna:

Funny interpretation, not a lot of animation going on. What you have is working pretty well though.

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

love the punchline!


please add more movement

Alyssa FitzGerald:

Fun, but the lack of movement in the bodies as well as the feeling the character doesn't exist in the established space hurts your animation.

Richard Felix B. Candia:

try overshooting the hand of the character then put it at rest it will make it feel more natural. By the way, I like the idea of showing the test results it's pretty funny.

Spencer Bentley:

Reminds me of a cheaper Rock Auto commercial.