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Animator: Jennifer Croom

Description: This girl got an F on her essay, and while she and her friend wait for the teacher to come in and explain, they discuss why.

Experience: A bit, I do it for fun on youtube.

Time taken: The whole month. I didn't even finish it.


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Paul David Panganiban:

Try to lead the audience’s eyes on your actions. When the guy is talking, the girl is doing so much to the point I didn’t know where to look.

Paraskevi Koutalou:

I think some more pauses might be less distracting, but it's so cute!

Raul Soria:

Cool 2D. Needs a little improvement on lip synch and movements

Alyssa FitzGerald:

These characters have that essence of the high school slacker nailed perfectly. Even with the construction lines it's very clear you know what you're doing. I think when the female character is wringing her hands then scratching herself is the weakest moment in the animation. There also could be some more anticipation when the guy brings his hand up because it feels too quick.

It has enough appeal to it that I really like it regardless of these moments.


while unfinished, I still like it very much. The poses and expressions

Spencer Bentley:

I can tell that time was a bit of a constraint, but the lip syncing is well developed and the emotions of the characters are well thought out. Good job!