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Animator: György Beáta

Description: This 11 second is about a dog who thinks she hurt the pinwheel.

Experience: I am an animator student and I keep befriending with moving things around on screen. :)

Time taken: Approximately a week.


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Paul David Panganiban:

So wonky, love it!


very original!

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

Unique visuals

Raul Soria:

Needs body expression and movement


Visually original, for sure!


I want to understand this mystic style, and for what is with I like it


Unique idea. Need more clarity

Spencer Bentley:

This is surreal... I don't NOT like it, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. 6/11, make more please.

Ben Zingo:

Not sure what the intent was here, but the animation is pretty minimal. Seems like you spent most of your time on the design/texturing/collage

Trevor Finney:

Super inventive. I wish we the four characters were grouped in one of the shots, or at least three of them. It's sort of jarring to jump around without a background to help give me reference.