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Animator: Bartu SARIPINARLI

Description: Sometimes you need somebody to talk to, well; you can always go to your best friend. Which is yourself ^^

Rain Rig © Blender Foundation
Vincent Rig(From Blender Foundation, I only used his glass) CC BY -

Experience: My first facial animation. But I made game animations before(like sword slashes etc...)

Time taken: Discovered this site on the last day of february, so I only had like 8 hours to make it.


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Is this a blender playblast? Overall this needs work, would love to have the other character talk and not be invisible. Poses could be refined

Alyssa FitzGerald:

Is it supposed to be a disembodied set of glasses or did your character not render out? It's not really clear. The eyes are also jittery.