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Animator: James

Description: It's not you it's her

Experience: 5 years as a student

Time taken: ~ 2 weeks


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nice ending reaction. Could add more emotion into it

Alyssa FitzGerald:

This is good. Giving yourself a little extra time at the end to have him finish the shoulder touch is within regulations and showing her reaction is good scene blocking. The individualized timing on his fingers going over the rail is also tres magnifique.

I feel like you could push their expressions more. The dark scenery also makes the male character fade into the background instead of standing out like he should.

Ben Zingo:

the hand movements are really nice, and once characters start moving, it's good. But overall the character movements are subtle, and easy to miss. Having more body language will help act out what the characters are feeling, and what's going through their head.
Those trailing fingers on the railing though... *chef's kiss*. Some nice work here!