Final Rating: 5.47. Finished 30 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Gabriel Barral Silva

Description: Collab with my dear friend Gabriel Doco, this 28 days were full of challenges and
apprenticeship for both of us.

Experience: Not too much.

Time taken: Since we made it all from scratch, we only had 4 days to animate everything.


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Raul Soria:

More work on natural movement


I really do like it, I believe some poses could be pushed further like the beginning, and some could be dialled down, like his hands going out

Alyssa FitzGerald:

Hands need more work and movements feel robotic.

Ben Zingo:

Seems like you spent a lot of time on the background, and could have used more time on the acting & animation. Actions feel very pose-to-pose, and stiff.
(also too much subsurface scattering on the skin)

Spencer Bentley:

Good scene composition, and decent animation. I like the added touch of the radio playing music.

Bryce Hallett:

Really nicely done