Final Rating: 6.31. Finished 13 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: AmandaParks

Description: A worried ogre woman confides in a friend about her troubles.

Experience: 4 years experience in animation, 2 years with CG animation.

Time taken: 21 days.


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Alyssa FitzGerald:

I feel like the male character needs more anticipation to his rolling over. The legs also feel like they could be refined more when he's saying "Wrong".

Other than that this is really nice. The body, facial and hand animations all work super well for both characters.

Bryce Hallett:

Well done!
Very nice acting and movement.
I think in the last shot when he turns towards her, if the male's pose is altered a bit so he's putting weight on his screen right arm when he turns and is leaning on it it will strengthen the pose and also make him feel less floaty.

Then the screen left arm which sort of points away from camera could come around and gesture more towards the woman. I think that would make for a stronger composition (guiding our eyes between them instead of off to screen left) and make him seem more engaged with her. Emphasizing his point and less ambivalent pose.

nicely done. good luck!

Brad Bradbury:

Great job!
Solid in the top ten.