Final Rating: 4.41. Finished 73 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Fruzsina Görgicze

Description: A fairy girl talking to the wise tree about her problems

Experience: Right now in the 2nd semester in university as an animation student

Time taken: about 2 weeks (few hours between classes/on the weekend)


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Cody Cessna:

The design is nice, but the animation is lacking. They don’t move much apart from the mouth. The jaws don’t move with the mouth. I think the framing draws attention to the animation method, since so much in the frame is held. Maybe if you’d storyboarded differently, the subtlety of the movement wouldn’t work against you.


Cute, I like the tree.


I love the colours but more movement, please

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The tree's lack of movement is easily handwaved, but your fairy is far too stiff. Not even a head turn.

I know that it's hard to submit something that's not fully colored and rendered onto an online competition, but it's a trap to spend so much time on it that a lot of traditional artists fall into. The snail, mushrooms, and color could be fully omitted and free you up to work on the fairy's body movement more.

You clearly spent a long time on the lip sync, and it works on the tree's "Could be... Who knows?" lines but doesn't on the fairy because you're having them over-enunciate. Look up blend shape tutorials like the "I'd say solid B-solid B minus".

Eye blinks and wing movements are not enough to sell emotion and that the character is alive. The wings are using the same timing throughout which also doesn't help.

Ben Zingo:

It's clear you spent a lot of time on the drawing, coloring, etc. but the animation is pretty minimal, and holding on one camera angle makes it feel very static

Spencer Bentley:

Animation looks a bit cheaply made, and the wings are distracting because of it. Needs better scene composition, and I would like to see some character animation as well.