Final Rating: 7.87. Finished 3 out of 168 entries.

225,348 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kristian LaGrange

Description: A man who lives near the crash site of a meteor, which contains a mysterious source of energy, is distraught when a scientist invites him into her lab to give him some bad news.

Experience: 12 years (8 personal, 4 professional)

Time taken: 27 days


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Jamie F:


Toby Leung:

Very smooth and strong poses! Loved this one

Edmond Toussaint:

good story, good emotion very well done, I think this is a winner

j. anthony:

Very impressive!!

Benjamin ALVARO:

Incredibly well done. And huge thumb up for the posing.
I think there a little 2 frames out of synchro with the voice.
Anyway I give you 10

Pallav Sharma:

too cliched idea but nice acting

Runy Lee:

would have been better if the finger action at "even if" moved to "did" but this is my top three and it should be!!