Final Rating: 6.77. Finished 13 out of 168 entries.

1,026 views including the voting period.


Animator: Toby Leung

Description: had fun animating this one :)

Experience: 2.5 years

Time taken: 5 days


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Jamie F:


Edmond Toussaint:

very entertaining, some movements need to be fine-tuned, he moves a bit much at the start when he goes up and down, give that a bit more time, to settle. The mouth movements can be better, timing and shape.

C h o c o b i l l y :

You have some nice acting choices that are unfortunately overshadowed by the more abundant weird/unnatural acting choices.



HAHA -- love this shot. koala secondary action in the ears etc.. really nice highly stylized key poses & awesome transitioning between each. Great concept. :)

AyseNur Wilkomir:

My winner! Great job!